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Our Year-Round Educational Programming


Ocean Explorers

Since 2004 Maritime Gloucester has worked with Gloucester Public Schools to provide hands-on marine science education. We work with every 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade student in Gloucester and we partner with the schooner Ardelle to get students out on the water. Over their 3-year educational journey with us, each student participates in 18 distinct experiences. The goals of this program are to introduce science at an early age, to connect that early learning to the students' local environment, and to excite students around science learning. By doing this we help to create better stewards of our oceans and our local maritime heritage. 

Mariner Apprentice Program

Our newest program is offered in partnership with Maritime Heritage Charters. This program is for students 16-22 years old interested in pursuing a career in the marine trades. Coursework fluctuates seasonally, focusing on boatbuilding, boat maintenance, and diesel mechanics over the winter and shifting to boat operations, ship handling and practical on-the-water skills during the summer months. Over the course of this program participants accrue enough sea-time and experience to test for their USCG license and gain exposure to a variety of maritime career opportunies. 


Maritime Gloucester has a robust year round internship program for high school and college-age students. Internship tracts focus on aquarium operations, education, or historic interpretation. Our goals for this program are to provide an enriching educational experience for interns while also increasing our capacity to deliver public programming during our busiest time of year.  We also accept school-year interns on a case by case basis. Click here to learn more.

About Us

Maritime Gloucester is a working waterfront, maritime museum, sea pocket aquarium all rolled into one exciting destination! Whether you are a visitor or a local, we have so much for you to do and see!

Our passion is sharing our fantastic site with the public. We work with local schools, engaging students with hands-on marine science education. Our adult programs teach old skills and new technique across our working waterfront. We leverage the rich maritime heritage of Gloucester and our unique marine environment to offer a host of exciting programs, public pop-up workshops, schooner sailing experiences and so much more.  

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