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Ocean Explorers 5th Grade Graduation

We thought, what better way to celebrate the 20th Year of our Oceans Explorers Program than with our first ever 5th Grade Graduation. Your 5th graders will have the chance to show you what they've been learning with the Maritime Gloucester Education Team for the past 3 years!

RSVP below to join us and visit our campus and let them guide you, you'll have the chance to stop at a variety of learning stations throughout the campus to help you better understand how much fun they've had and what they've learned these past 3 years.

Each student may bring up to 4 family members and we expect you'll spend about an hour here going through the different stations.  Please email with any questions.

Although you may register for any of the 5 different time slots we recommend the following so that your  students can visit at the same time as their classmates...
9am- West Parish     10am-Plum Cove    11am- East Vets    12pm- Beeman
1pm- everyone welcome
5th grade graduation.png
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