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Launching our newest program: Virtual Explorers

So much has changed over the past several months for our Cape Ann community. As we strive to find new ways to adapt to these unfamiliar surroundings, we discover new opportunities to build partnerships, enhance our programs, and refocus our mission.

If there is one thing we can say with certainty it's that EVERYONE'S summer is looking different than we had imagined 6 months ago. COVID-19 has required creative pivots from individuals and businesses alike and Maritime Gloucester is in this with all of you.

The reality that we need to face is bracing: we may not be able to welcome large groups or youth field trips to our site for quite some time. As an experiential education non-profit, that is a large change to our business and program delivery model. For the time being, we are not able to safely welcome you to our campus. This means our signature programs like Oceans Explorers and Coastal Explorers now needs to be repackaged and presented in a virtual and small-group format.

It is time to bring our campus to you and allow you to enjoy some of our signature youth programs from the comfort (and safety) of your own home! Our education team has been hard at work to launch our new VIRTUAL EXPLORERS programs.

Initially during the summer, the focus will be to create activities that get young (or young at heart) people out exploring our community and environment. "Creature of the Week", maritime themed scavenger hunts, exiting Member MeetUps, and other activities will challenge and engage you to learn while having fun. We will be releasing 2 to 3 new activities each week which will be accessible to a variety of ages.

Below is an example of what to expect in our weekly release schedule.

Creature of the Week - ages 4+ with adult (Every other Wednesday)

Scavenger Hunts - (2 versions) ages 4+ and 8+  (Every other Wednesday)

Bingo - ages 6+ (Every Friday)

Indoor Activities - ages 9+ some adult supervision (Every other Monday)

Check out the Virtual Explorers page on our website HERE

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