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May 25, 2020
Memorial Day
Today we pause our series to pay special tribute to the men and women who served to protect our freedom.  Their gift to us, what Abraham Lincoln referred to as "the last full measure of devotion," is their legacy.  A day of reflection is not enough to commemorate this act and their stories.  Today, we honor them and their sacrifice, and we remember those families that are missing someone today.  
We bring you the 2018 Gloucester Memorial Day Ceremony filmed and shared by 1623 Studios as a means of reflection and ask that you visit the Cape Ann Veterans Services Facebook page to support their work for our veteran community.
May 18, 2020
This week's Maritime Monday offering goes is our promotional video "Oceans of Discovery" from nearly 9 years ago! As you watch this, notice how much we have physically changed over the years, but listen to how much our programs remain the same. It is exciting that as we develop our waterfront and aquarium, our core values remain constant.  Seeking to preserve our heritage, maintain this culturally significant site for future generations, and engaging young (and old!) people around exciting educational programming never goes out of style.  Enjoy.
May 10, 2020
The Gloucester Schooner Festival celebrates our great city, our fishing history, and most of all, the vessels that put us on the map:  the schooner!  Today we are fortunate to share Jim Lowell's 
Legacy: Shipbuilders, Fishermen, and the Age of Gloucester Schooners.
This feature movie is a great primer to understand the history and the importance of the heritage behind our Schooner Festival.  
May 4, 2020
In 2019, Masconomet High student, Joseph Dox, put together this piece on Maritime Gloucester. After researching through our campus and archives, he interviewed staff, wrote the script and created the following video. We are pleased to share his work with you not only as an introduction to our campus, but also as a demonstration of our ongoing work to teach the next generation about their heritage and their connection to the ocean.
May 21, 2020
We continue this week's theme and offer up another video created in 2014 called "A Future Here." See if you recognize the people, you certainly will recognize our programs and the experience that each child and visitor gets when they come to Maritime Gloucester.
May 14, 2020
Continuing our salute to the International Fisherman's Cup Race, we've clipped together some old newsreels and on-deck footage of the International Fisherman's Cup Race.
First up is a clip from the 1937 Newsreel called Windjammer Thrills which has some wonderful Gertrude Thebaud shots. Next is a clip from the International Film Board of Canada called Vignettes Bluenose. This is followed by a Universal Newsreel from 1938 with some great aerial shots of that race. We wrap it all up with footage from the last race of the Bluenose. Racing off Gloucester, Mass. against the Gertrude L. Thibault. Shot by W.R. MacAskill in October 1938.
May 7, 2020
In 2010, Joey Ciaramitaro stopped by the Dory Shop to interview Geno Mondello while he was finishing up Dory #3 for the International Dory Rowers.  This video is a fun walk down memory lane, but it is also relevant to 2020, as the International Dory Races will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year in conjunction with the International Fisherman's Cup.  Also, check out the salvaged bell from the Esperanto, now hanging on our balcony overlooking the pier.   
Note to viewers: the prices for dories are from 2010! You may need to pay a little more now.  However, you can also take part in our dory raffle later this year and win one for $1.
May 8, 2020
Each week we highlight a Maritime Gloucester member who is working on the "Front Lines" during the COVID-19 crisis.  This week we are proud to talk with Amy Cole, a Gig Rower and Maritime Gloucester member since 2014. Amy was nominated by a few of her fellow rowers for her work as a Special Education Teacher and Liason at the Beeman School in Gloucester.  She sat down with Executive Director, Michael De Koster to discuss her work, her challenges, and get her perspective  during these tough times.
May 15, 2020
it is the second installment of our Front Line Friday where we interview a member who is working on the Front Line during the COVID-19 crisis. This week is Carol Butler, a gig rower, member since 2006, and a nurse for Mass General who has worked for the last 3 weeks in the COVID Intensive Care Unit in Boston.

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