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Giving Tuesday Challenge

$3,335 Challenge for Giving Tuesday!

2020 is going to be a great year for Maritime Gloucester. Not only is it our 20th year of maintaining our working waterfront connection to our heritage, but it is also our 20th year of serving the Gloucester Public Schools as we engage, inspire and educate our youth for the future. Our educational program learning modules span STEM, Marine Sciences, Environmental Literacy, Hands-On Traditional Skills, Cultural Experiences, and Sense of Place learning. We inspire our youth to take on the challenges of cultural and environmental stewardship, using our waterfront's connection to our heritage and our environment as their classroom.  This year we have the privilege of instructing 667 third, fourth, and fifth grade students in our Ocean Explorers program. This program brings these young people to our site in the Fall and the Spring, as well as four classroom-based courses in the Winter. During their time at Maritime Gloucester they get to experience the Harbor on the Schooner Ardelle, engage in scientific study, better understand our marine ecology, and explore our working waterfront. On GivingTuesday we are asking the community to help raise $3,335 to support this program to bring these kids to our site. This is only $5 per student. Can you help us raise this goal by sponsoring one (or more!) young people in this program? Each $5 provides students immersive experiences, lasting educational value, and possibly life-changing inspiration! As one mother put it: Andrew began his career at Maritime Gloucester when he was a toddler...The immersive experience (literally and figuratively) at Maritime Gloucester instilled Andrew's passion for marine ecology, environmental science, and oceanography, which he intends to major in at college. Andrew's professional goal is to make contributions to climate science and work towards combating global climate change, particularly as it pertains to our oceans." Please, take a moment this GivingTuesday and help us make this kind of lasting and valuable change in a young person's life. Seven years from now, the student you support today may be like Andrew, looking to change the world and help solve climate change! We hope to make that type of inspiration possible. Please click here to support our goal of raising $3,335 this GivingTuesday. Thank you.

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