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Have you noticed the large, wooden rowing vessels pushing off from the docks at Maritime Gloucester? Or seen a group of smiling, happy people carrying large oars walking around our campus?  If you are a local, you have definitely seen these colorful boats rowing around historic Gloucester Harbor.  These boats are part of the Gloucester Gig Rower membership at Maritime Gloucester!

The Gig Rowers at Maritime Gloucester are engaged in an open water rowing tradition that dates back centuries. They row Cornish Pilot Gigs, a 32-foot long, 6-oared rowing boat historically used in ports around the world for pilotage, lifesaving, and as harbor workboats. Gloucester Gig Rowers are part of a rowing community of over a hundred clubs worldwide with over 8,000 active rowers!  Most importantly, they bring recreational pilot boat rowing to America's oldest seaport, compete regionally in various races, and are active in their support of our programs as gig rowing members of Maritime Gloucester.

Gig Rower membership at Maritime Gloucester, along with training, is required to use the boats. No previous rowing experience/knowledge is necessary. Be part of the Maritime Gloucester experience by joining the Gloucester Gig Rowers today.

 Click here for the Gloucester Daily Times story and photos from our 2018 harbor race.


Click here for more information.

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