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Board of Directors

Geoffrey Richon, Chair and Founder

Cyrus Bent, Vice-Chair

Daisy Nell Collinson, Vice-Chair

James G. Bragg, Jr., Treasurer

Ann Hochberg, Esq., Clerk

Rachael Bagenstose

Jack Clarke

Nina Fletcher

Alfred Fichera

Paul Horovitz

Jay McLauchlan, Founding Member

Geno Mondello, Founding Member

Sara Remsen

Nancy Sullivan, Founding Member

William Taylor, Founding Member

Holly McGlennon Treat

Quincy Bent, Emeritus

Mary Scofield 2.jpg


1951 - 2021
Mary Scofield.jpg

Maritime Gloucester mourns and honors our friend and colleague Mary Scofield, who passed away on December 31, 2021.


Mary was a positive and brilliant force on the Board of Maritime Gloucester for many years.  She was uniquely qualified to be on the Education Committee because of her background in science and education.  Not only did she serve on the Board as Vice President, but she stepped in and taught classes as well. She had a lovely personality, imbued with brilliance, lightheartedness, easy laughter, and a willingness to pitch in.

Her beautiful smile was infectious. Her positive energy, combined with her enthusiasm made working with her a joy.  Her ”matter of fact,” and “get it done,” attitude facilitated collaborative progress even in hard times.

Mary created loving communities wherever she went. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her many family and friends. 


We will miss her and always remember her.

mary aboard.jpg
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