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2019 Annual Appeal

Maritime Gloucester is a special place.

In so many ways, it is like no other on Cape Ann. The one-of-a-kind experiences we offer are unique, authentic, and lasting. In the American story, Gloucester resonates as a seaport community and its importance continues as the historic fishing community. That deep emotional connection to our maritime heritage is our undeniable legacy. Academics define this as a “sense of place”: a unique collection of characteristics that provide meaning to a location. This unique collection of characteristics sets that place apart as distinctive from other places.

At Maritime Gloucester, we have created a place that celebrates those unique characteristics as living cultural artifacts and preserves them for future generations. Through our working waterfront, we educate the public and the next generation on the importance of history, education, science, and stewardship. We foster sense of place in a vibrant way. By doing so, we add value to the fabric of our community. And we are proud of that!

Places that evoke this type of meaning have value in teaching us about who we are and how we can create a better future. In this role, Maritime Gloucester is singular in our community. But we need supporters like you to help make this possible! The vision that was started 20 years ago, to preserve this special place and use this working waterfront as a maritime heritage center, is ongoing. We need your help to continue telling the unique story of Gloucester, its special place in history, and its role in creating a sustainable and lasting future.

Your generosity is vital to protect our site as an educational resource. Where else can you participate in active boatbuilding, explore an aquarium filled with local harbor animals, experience interactive educational programming, get aboard historic sailing schooners, and discover the authentic workings of a historic waterfront and pier? Visitors to Maritime Gloucester experience a world that they will never forget. Some of our most treasured visitors are the Gloucester Public School students who participate in our Ocean Explorers program. This program focuses on maritime science, but the powerful historical context in which they are learning is inescapable.

As one of the Gloucester Public School teachers we work with stated:

"At Maritime Gloucester, the students of Gloucester Public Schools are not only learning biology, geography, physics, technology, engineering, and other scientific principles, they are being inspired to give back to the community in which they were raised… Nothing provides a better platform for that than the settings and activities at Maritime Gloucester.” (emphasis added)

For the past 20 years, Maritime Gloucester has been a positive impact on the lives of Cape Ann residents and students. Through our award-winning programs, cutting-edge maritime science education is blended within the context and fabric of America’s oldest seaport, nurturing a powerful sense of identity and connection to our unique community. In today’s pivotal environmental and cultural landscape, our mission is more relevant than ever.

I am proud to be part of an organization that cherishes community, preserves history, and provides a compelling educational platform for the next generation. I hope you are too! To support our work, we ask that you consider a gift to us today. Your donation will enable us to keep Maritime Gloucester a cherished, essential, and dynamic place for generations to come.

Thank you for your support!


Michael De Koster

Executive Director

P.S. Did you know that last year’s Annual Appeal gifts are the main reason we were able to serve over 15,000 visits to our galleries, aquarium, classrooms, and events in 2019? And that is only a part of what it allows us to do! Please consider supporting us during this year’s Appeal! Help us make a bigger impact in 2020!

To help support our work, please send a check made payable to Maritime Gloucester to 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930 or donate online HERE

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