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Photo: Len Burgess

Schooners will be updated as they confirm their plans to join us

Large Schooners


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  122 ft

GSF Location:  Maritime Gloucester Pier

Built in 1926, the Adventure is one of the last of the Gloucester fishing schooners, known as "Gloucestermen," and famous throughout the world. The Adventure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, designated a National Historic Landmark, and an Official Project of Save America's Treasures.

Medium Schooners


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  58 ft

GSF Location:  Maritime Gloucester Pier

The Flagship of Maritime Gloucester, the Ardelle is a pinky schooner built by master shipbuilder, Harold Burnham. Celebrating her 10th anniversary, Ardelle works as a public attraction and charter boat, providing daily sailing opportunities in Gloucester Harbor. She serves as an educational platform for all of Maritime Gloucester's programing.



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  65 ft

GSF Location:  Seven Seas Wharf near I4C2

The Thomas E. Lannon was built in Essex, MA in 1997. Her lines were taken from those of the swordfishing schooner Nokomis, designed by Capt. Mel McClain in 1903.  The Lannon was built by eleventh-generation Essex shipbuilder Harold Burnham at the A.D. Story Shipyard.

Small Schooners
Bald Eagle.jpg


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  37 ft

GSF Location: Mooring 

This beautiful Sam Crocker-designed schooner was built in 1955 by Bud McIntosh in Eliot, ME, and rebuilt by Harold Burnham in 2002 and 2017. Privately owned, this classic workboat-inspired design is all about comfort, simplicity, and seaworthiness.



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  38 ft

GSF Location: Maritime Gloucester Railway

Commissioned in 2005 and built by Harold Burnham she is the newest in the Maritime Heritage Charters fleet. Harold based her on versions of schooners he had seen in Fitz Henry Lane's paintings. Our Historian Justin thinks she looks like a halibut schooner.

Lewis H Story_edited.jpg


Homeport: Essex, MA

Length on Deck:  32 ft

GSF Location: Maritime Gloucester Pier

Built in 1988 by Harold Burnham, this recreation of the historic Chebacco boat design was named for Essex's foremost historian.  Today, it is the flagship of the Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum. It is an educational platform for their students and serves as the Museum's roving ambassador.



Homeport: Essex, MA

Length on Deck:  32 ft

GSF Location: Mooring

Redbird is a brigantine schooner designed by Bruce Bingham and built by Norman Bonenberger in Vallejo, CA.  When launched in 1982, she and was originally rigged as a brigantine but now carries a double gaff configuration. Owned by the Capt. Stan Collinson and our Gloucester Schooner Festival Chair, Daisy Nell Collinson, she sails out of Gloucester harbor.

Dates: Thursday Aug 31st - Monday Sept 4th

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The 38th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is made possible due to our generous sponsors:

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