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Schooners will be offering public sails or charters during Schooner Festival- please visit vessel websites for tickets

Large Schooners


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  122 ft

GSF Location:  Schooner Docks at I4C2

Built in 1926, the Adventure is one of the last of the Gloucester fishing schooners, known as "Gloucestermen," and famous throughout the world. The Adventure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, designated a National Historic Landmark, and an Official Project of Save America's Treasures.

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Homeport: Rockland, ME

Length on Deck:  92 ft

GSF Location:  Schooner Docks at I4C2

The American Eagle was built in Gloucester in 1930 as an auxiliaryfishing schooner. She is recognized as a National Historic Landmark.



Homeport: Panama City, FL

Length on Deck: 145 ft

GSF Location:  Parade & Race Participant Only

Brian D'Isernia discovered the original line plans of the 1920s Columbia in the Essex Shipbuilding Museum and fulfilled a lifelong dream of bringing a significant piece of maritime history back to life in 2014 when Columbia was (re)born.


Homeport: Boston, MA formerly Milwaukee, WI

Length on Deck:  98 ft

GSF Location:  Schooner Docks at I4C2

Built in 2000, Denis Sullivan has spent the past two decades educatinghundreds of students about Great Lakes schooners and maritime history.Now, World Ocean School is thrilled to be able to take this beloved shipon a new voyage in Boston and St. Croix. World Ocean School exists toprovide students of all backgrounds with immersive opportunities tolearn to care for themselves, their crew, and their ship, becoming vesselsof change in the world they inherit.

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Homeport: New Bedford, MA

Length on Deck: 106 ft

GSF Location:  Maritime Gloucester

Launched in 1894 at the James & Tarr shipyard in Essex as the Effie M. Morrissey named for Captain/owner William Morrissey's daughter. She has lived her life out fishing the Grand Banks, exploring the Arctic, as a packet ship on Cape Verde and finally as an educational vessel. She was just re-launched this past Spring after nearly a decade of work to bring her back to life and continue her work as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' official sailing vessel.

Medium Schooners


Homeport: Annapolis, MD

Length on Deck:  48 ft

GSF Location:  Ocean Alliance

Adventurer is a 1984 fore & aft staysail schooner manufactured by Cherubini Yachts in Riverside New Jersey. She has been through two major remodels, one in 1999, and the second, finished in 2020.



Homeport: Bailey Island, ME

Length on Deck:  56 ft

GSF Location:  Schooner Docks at I4C2

Alert was designed and built in York Maine by Paul Rollins. She was thelast schooner to fish commercially out of New England under sail. Since2013 she has been owned and operated by Husband and wife Perry Davisand Bethany McNelly-Davis from their home, Bailey Island, Maine

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Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  58 ft

GSF Location:  Maritime Gloucester Pier

The Flagship of Maritime Gloucester, the Ardelle is a pinky schooner built by master shipbuilder, Harold Burnham. Celebrating her 10th anniversary, Ardelle works as a public attraction and charter boat, providing daily sailing opportunities in Gloucester Harbor. She serves as an educational platform for all of Maritime Gloucester's programing.

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Homeport: Salem, MA

Length on Deck:  52 ft

GSF Location:  Parade of Sail Participant only

The original FAME was a Chebacco fishing schooner that was reborn as a privateer when war broke out in 1812. She was arguably the first American privateer to bring home a prize and made 20 more captures before her demise in the Bay of Fundy in 1814. The current FAME was built by Harold Burnham and is owned and operated by Mike Rutstein as a charter vessel and attraction in Salem Harbor. Note that charters on FAME sail from and return to Salem.

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Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  65 ft

GSF Location:  Seven Seas Wharf near I4C2

Tom and Kay Ellis had the schooner Thomas E. Lannon built in Essex in1997 by Harold Burnham. She is taken from the design of a 1903Gloucester fishing schooner. She sails as good as she looks, we sail dailyfrom May to October from the Gloucester House Restaurant. Join

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When and If.jpg


Homeport: Key West, FL & Salem, MA

Length on Deck:  63 ft

GSF Location:  Parade & Race Participant Only

When General (Then Colonel) George S. Patton commissioned one of America's greatest designers to conceive him a boat, he had the ultimate ambition in mind: "When the war is over, and If I live through it, Bea and I are going to sail her around the world." Built by F.F. Pendleton if Wiscasset, ME in 1939, WHEN AND IF now summers in Salem, MA and is a fan favorite at the Gloucester Schooner Festival each year.

Small Schooners


Homeport: Vineyard Haven, MA

Length on Deck:  44 ft

GSF Location: Ocean Alliance

Originally built in 1988 CALABASH has recently been refurbished by Gannon and Benjamin in Vineyard Haven. Formerly named the Lana & Harley for fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Owner Brad Abbott saw fit to bring her back to life and he and his family liveaboard in the summer months.


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  36 ft

GSF Location: Gloucester Harbor Mooring

Her lines taken from the DOROTHY #291 design by Sam Crocker, she,was hand built of cypress and oak by Lewis Norris in Hernando Beach,FL. A red hulled centerboard schooner, she was launched in 1989.

Green Dragon.jpg


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  33 ft

GSF Location: Private Dock

Designed by Scotty Gannett and built by Chester Spear, both of Scituate, and launched in 1951 as the Brenda Lee, she was renamed to Green Dragon as homage to the tavern known as the "Headquarters of the Revolution." Privately owned she is a staple of the Gloucester Schooner Festival and a much-loved participant.



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  38 ft

GSF Location: Maritime Gloucester Pier

Commissioned in 2005 and built by Harold Burnham she is the newest in the Maritime Heritage Charters fleet. Harold based her on versions of schooners he had seen in Fitz Henry Lane's paintings. Our Historian Justin thinks she looks like a halibut schooner.

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Lewis H Story_edited.jpg


Homeport: Essex, MA

Length on Deck:  32 ft

GSF Location: Maritime Gloucester Pier

Built in 1988 by Harold Burnham, this recreation of the historic Chebacco boat design was named for Essex's foremost historian.  Today, it is the flagship of the Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum. It is an educational platform for their students and serves as the Museum's roving ambassador. Captain Stefan Edick will take the helm during the race.

Maritime Gloucester Proofs-160.jpg


Homeport: Essex, MA

Length on Deck:  32 ft

GSF Location: Maritime Gloucester Docks

Redbird is a brigantine schooner designed by Bruce Bingham and built by Norman Bonenberger in Vallejo, CA.  When launched in 1982, she and was originally rigged as a brigantine but now carries a double gaff configuration. Owned by the Capt. Stan Collinson and our Gloucester Schooner Festival Chair, Daisy Nell Collinson, she sails out of Gloucester harbor.



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  40 ft

GSF Location: Gloucester Harbor Mooring

Built in 1934, one of 8 Auxiliary Schooners of her type designed and built by David Hillyard, Sussex, England. Strombus spent many years in the Chesapeake before coming to Gloucester. She was rebuilt by Geoff Deckebach over 10 years and relaunched in 2017

Schedule of events and vessels subject to change based on wind, marine, and weather conditions. If needed, schedule changes will be announced at and on Facebook

Dates: Thursday Aug 29th - Monday Sept 2nd

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The 39th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival was made possible due to our generous sponsors:

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