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Interactive Learning You Can Do From Home!

We are all spending more time at home this summer but that doesn't mean you need to be stuck doing the same thing every day. Virtual Explorers brings some of Maritime Gloucester's signature programs straight to you! Each week through the rest of the summer we will be releasing new activities designed to get you outside, moving, learning and creating! Check back here every week to see what new content we have posted. This will include Creature-of-the-Week with craft, maritime scavenger hunts, maritime bingo, community science meet-ups and more!

Maritime Gloucester Members receive some of this content before the general public. To sign up for a membership please click here. We are excited to embark on this journey with you. For any questions regarding Virtual Explorers, please email

Aug 17 - Aug 23: Weekly Activities

Creature of the Week:


Come join us as we explore the world of the original ocean surfer, the Jellyfish.  For millions of years, these fascinating creatures have "surfed" the ocean currents and drifted along, even before dinosaurs! Pulsing along, these invertebrates are a beautiful part of the ocean ecosystem.

Creature of the Week offers 2 fun video activities, a video reading of a book and a craft to create your own jellyfish! 

The book read is led by our own Marine Science Educator, Kelsey Bradford.  Reading from the Maritime Gloucester pier, Kelsey takes us on a journey to the world of jellyfish through the book Jellies: The Life of Jellyfish by Twig C. George

Click the video to the right 

to watch the book read.

Expand to watch full screen!

For our CotW craft, Kelsey is back to explore fun facts about this amazing animal as she leads your young explorer through the fun of creating their own Jellyfish.

Materials needed for this craft:

- Paper Bowl
- Colored Construction Paper
- Crayons, Markers, and/or

                  Colored Pencils
- Glue, Tape, and/or Stapler
- Scissors
- String

Click the Pic ==>

to download the worksheet instructions

2.1 Pic Jellyfish Craft.jpg

Coastal Birds Bingo- Time to get outside and explore! 

Bingo is back with a card guaranteed to get your child into her Junior Field Scientist mode. Can you find all the items on the card this week as you explore Gloucester?  Or bring a friend to your favorite spot and see who can get Bingo first by completing 3 in a row!

Our bingo card has a 2nd page that is full of interesting​ facts to encourage deeper exploration and understanding.  Coastal birds are a fascinating part of being in Gloucester.  Get your Junior Scientist interested today.



Screenshot (116).png

Scavenger Hunt:  Colors & Textures 

Looking for an easy and fun activity for your little one?  We have created this scavenger hunt for the little explorers to find different textures and colors in their house, backyard, or on the go!  Download your Scavenger Hunt card and get started now.



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