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It all started with a telegram from our sister city of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, challenging Gloucester to send a schooner to race their DELAWANA for a silver cup, some prize money and all important bragging rights. Gloucester’s ESPERANTO, under Captain Marty Welch retuned victorious from the inaugural 1920 series. In 1921 the Canadians wrested the championship back under Captain Angus Walters and the BLUENOSE. From those legendary beginnings, over a century of races, in schooners and later in dories, began. 

The Gloucester Maritime Rendezvous celebrates our joint heritage on the water with a weekend of signature vessels and signature events. The legacy of the International Dory Races carries on this weekend under the watch of five large and historically significant schooners.

Participating Schooners



Homeport: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Length on Deck:  143 ft

GMR Location:  Maritime Gloucester Pier

Bluenose II was launched in 1963 and has acted as Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador ever since. Bluenose II is a proud representative of the province and maritime heritage, carrying on the legacy of the pride of Nova Scotia, the 1921 Canadian icon Bluenose, "Queen of the North Atlantic" and undefeated racing champion.



Homeport: Panama City, FL

Length on Deck:  145 ft

GMR Location:  I4C2 Schooner Docks

Brian D'Isernia discovered the original line plans of the 1920s Columbia in the Essex Shipbuilding Museum and fulfilled a lifelong dream of bringing a significant piece of maritime history back to life in 2014 when Columbia was (re)born.         


Homeport: Baltimore, MD

Length on Deck:  100 ft

GMR Location:  I4C2 Schooner Docks

Pride of Baltimore II is a topsail schooner built to the lines of an 1812-era Baltimore Clipper. Pride of Baltimore II was launched from her Inner Harbor birthplace on April 30, 1988. Since her commissioning, Pride II has sailed over 250,000 nautical miles and visited more than 200 ports in 40 countries

20170513_Departure_credit Jeffrey G Katz_edited.jpg


Homeport: Gloucester, MA

Length on Deck:  122 ft

GMR Location:  I4C2 Schooner Docks

Built in 1926, the Adventure is one of the last of the Gloucester fishing schooners, known as "Gloucestermen," and famous throughout the world. The Adventure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, designated a National Historic Landmark, and an Official Project of Save America's Treasures.


Our Local Gloucester Fleet

Make your Maritime Rendezvous Weekend a special event on the water. Book a local schooner ride to sail all weekend long.



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

GSF Location:  Maritime Gloucester Pier

The Flagship of Maritime Gloucester, the Ardelle is a pinky schooner built by master shipbuilder, Harold Burnham. Book Today!



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

GSF Location:  Seven Seas Wharf near I4C2

The Thomas E. Lannon was built in Essex, MA in 1997 for Tom Ellis by Harold Burnham. Her lines were taken from those of the swordfishing schooner Nokomis, designed by Capt. Mel McClain in 1903.



Homeport: Gloucester, MA

GSF Location: Maritime Gloucester Pier

Commissioned in 2005 and built by Harold Burnham, she is the newest in the Maritime Heritage Charters fleet. Harold based her on versions of schooners he had seen in Fitz Henry Lane's paintings.

International Dory Races

One of the greatest traditions in Gloucester is the International Dory Races. For 71 years, these races have pitted Gloucestermen against our Bluenose counterparts to the North. More than just a race, it has become a symbol of our shared heritage as historic fishing communities on the North Atlantic.

Dory races between Gloucester and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia are on a home and away series, usually held in July (in Gloucester) and September (in Lunenburg) annually. Dory competitions began in 1947. Originally held only in Gloucester, they were later expanded to include a match race of the Gloucester winner against the winner of the Lunenburg races.

Come back soon for details on this year's races!


Weekend Schedule of Events

The Gloucester Maritime Rendezvous is four days of events engaging our community in celebration of history and the golden age of fishing.  

We are currently working to complete the Schedule of Events. Opportunities to get on board vessels for deck tours, sailing options, and charters, dory racing schedules and exhibits will be posted in the coming months. Please check back soon.


Dates: Thursday July 6th - Sunday July 9th

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